What you can learn from tiny living

Over the course of the last year, we have spent more time at home than before and for many living in smaller homes, this could have felt uncomfortable at times. However, finding ways to maximise your space will help you avoid the feeling in the future and one place to go looking for inspiration is tiny homes!

When we talk about tiny homes we are referring to that subset of homes that measure around 93m² and often times are either mobile or designed using pre-fab elements. So how does the design approach apply to your very much standard-size home or apartment? Here are some design lessons we can all learn from tiny living:

Plan your spaces carefully

When you have loads of space it is easy to allow for bad interior design to break the flow of your home because you feel you have to fill up all that space with something. However, if you take the time to carefully plan out what you need from a space you will quickly realise what kind of furniture will work better – maybe an L-shaped couch is much better than a loose two and three-seater.

Quality over quantity

Limited space means you can no longer keep hoards of linen, dinnerware, or even furniture – which means the things you do have are being used more heavily. It, therefore, makes sense to invest in quality pieces that will last longer than their cheaper counterparts.

The lesson here would be to always invest in quality items – while we all can’t afford the very best of the best we can make an effort to invest in some items such as buying a good quality bed and linen or key furniture pieces such as a lounge set that will last. If you invest in a good lounge set, you can reupholster it later on again.

Consider bespoke space-saving items

While foldable or collapsible beds, tables, and chairs might not be easily found at most furniture stores, their reduced footprint is so important that it can be worth it to have these items custom designed. Even something as small as a cutting board that fits perfectly into the sink basin to allow for additional counter space can make all the difference.

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better

In a world obsessed with celebrity culture and keeping up with Joneses, it is easy to get caught up in the idea that having a big mansion filled with everything new and trendy is the only way to live. This can be financially draining not just on home loan repayments, rates and taxes, and levies but also on home maintenance – forcing you to spend money that you could have saved.

This doesn’t mean that you have to squeeze your family of five into a two-bedroom apartment – it just means that you can always shop around for a home that might be a little smaller than what you hoped for and plan it out better so your family can still live comfortably without breaking the bank.

Article Source: https://www.myproperty.co.za/news/market-and-opinion/what-you-can-learn-from-tiny-living-22-02-21

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